For decades we have been manufacturing the finest boat dock materials on the market today.
We save customers money by continuing to grow our catalog of quality and lasting products.
Roto-Molded Plastics
We produce tens of thousands of rotationally molded products each and every year. Rotational molding fills heated hollow molds with polyethylene and slowly rotates them causing the softened plastic to be evenly distributed throughout the mold. To ensure consistency and structual integrity, the mold is continually rotated at all times during the heating phase and cooling phase.
  Boat Dock Products
EPS Foam
Our EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) division makes up over 30% of our entire production. Many of our plastics products use EPS foam including our Float Drums, Bouys, Bumper and more. Shaped cuts of Insul-Bead EPS are popular for packaging and other applications. We also produce crown moldings, columns and trim for the building industry.
Welding and Steel Works
We manufacture steel dock frames, walkways, frame stabilizers and other steel dock materials and have the capabilites to custom build specific frame sizes and other components as needed. Highly skilled welders hand-build and test each and ever piece before it leaves our building. All of our steel works are galvanized to prevent rusting and deterioration.
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Research and Development
We have a whole department designated to improve our existing product line, create new products, and to custom fabricate components for customers. If you have a new product idea or need something mass produced, contact us today!